Earthquake Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Group (EDPMG) is one of the research groups under the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Saitama University

As apparent from the name of our group, we conduct research with primary focus on earthquakes. Various branches of work that are being carried out under the vast field of earthquake engineering are (including but not only limited to):

  • seismology and seismic wave propagation
  • site and propagation path effects of strong ground motions
  • deformation of surface soil layer due to earthquake faults
  • seismic excitation and structural response
  • nonlinear modeling of soil response
  • mechanics on granular material
  • seismic soil-structure interaction (SSI)
  • dynamic failure of ground
  • base isolation systems
  • lifeline systems
News and Topics

2021.12.08  - (Overdue post)

Yuki Mizukawa of our group won the 'Excellent Master Thesis Award' for the academic year 2020. His master's thesis research work is titled "On the technique for early detection of dangerous buildings using aerial video footages in the aftermath of an earthquake (ๅœฐ้œ‡็›ดๅพŒใฎๅฑ้™บใชๅปบ็‰ฉใ‚’็ฉบๆ’ฎๅ‹•็”ปใ‹ใ‚‰ๆ—ฉๆœŸๆคœๅ‡บใ™ใ‚‹ๆ‰‹ๆณ•ใฎ็ ”็ฉถ)".

Conferred by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the award honours master's students who conduct excellent master's research and make outstanding final presentation. Of all the master's graduate of 2020, only 2 other students besides Yuki Mizukawa were awarded the excellent master thesis award. We congratulate him for this achievement!

Further details (in Japanese) can be found here:

Yuki Mizukawa_Excellent Master Thesis Award








(Yuki Mizukawa (front row left) and Prof. Saitoh (back row left) during the award ceremony)


Prof. Masato Saitoh was awarded the 'Best Lecture Award' for the year 2016 in a ceremony today at Saitama University. The award recognizes the work and effort by an individual among all the instructors of the Faculty of Engineering at Saitama University and is based on lecture feedback obtained from the students.

2017.11.24_M Saitoh_Best Lecture Award








(Prof. Saitoh with the received award)


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